Since 1987, the Society has been publishing research Journal “INDIAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL MARKETING”. The Journal broadly covers the practical and research aspects of agricultural marketing. The Chief Editor, Dr.S.S.Acharya, former Chairman of Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices Director, Institute of Development Study.

For the benefit of the researchers, the indext of the journal issues is given here which will be updated in due course of time.

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Vol. 17       No. 1  January-April 2003
Vol. 17       No. 3 (Conference Special) October-December 2003
Vol. 18       No. 1 January-April  2004
Vol. 18       No. 2 May-August  2004
Vol. 18       No. 3 Conference Special)   October-December 2004
Vol. 19       No. 1 January-April January-April  2005
Vol. 19       No. 2 (Conference Special) May-August  2005
Vol. 19       No. 3 January-April         Sept – December  2005
Vol. 20      No. 1  January-April  2006
Vol. 20      No. 2  May-August  2006
Vol. 20      No. 3  (Conference Special)   Sept – Dec.  2006
Vol. 21      No. 1  Jan – April  2007
Vol. 21      No. 2  May – August  2007
Vol. 21      No. 3  (Conference Special) Sept. – Dec.  2007
Vol. 22      No. 1  Jan. – April  2008
Vol. 22      No. 2  May – August  2008
Vol. 22      No. 3  September – December  2008
Vol. 23      No. 1  (Conference Special)   Jan. – April  2009
Vol. 23      No. 2  May – August  2009
Vol. 23      No. 3  (Conference Special)   Sept. – Dec. 2009

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Vol. 17                                                No. 1                                    January-April 2003

Session I
*    Trade Diversification and Agriculture                                                                 1
Yoginder K. Alagh                                                                                           

*    Market Avenues for Agriculture Under Globalisation and Liberalisation               16
Naveen P. Singh and  R. P. Singh                                                                   
*    Costs, Margins and Price-Spread in Marketing of Milk                                        27
in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh
R. Sujatha, I. Bhavani Devi and T. V. Neelakanta Sastry
*   Progress and Performance of Regulated Marketed in Punjab                              34
Parminder Kaur and Arjinder Kaur
* An Economic Analysis of Marketing Costs, Margins and                                    41
Price Spread of Jasmine in Chidambaram Taluk of
Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu
V. Bhanumathy and K. Sita Devi
*    Comparing the Marketing Efficiency of Farmer Market                                      45
with Central Vegetable Market
 T. Elenchezhian and S. Kobairaju
*    Marketing Pattern of `Mosambi’ Sweet Orange in                                              52
Selected Districts of Maharashtra
M.S. Ladaniya and Vinod Wanjari
*    An Analysis of Marketed Surplus and Marketing Cost of                                    63
Vegetables in Uttaranchal
Anil Kumar and V.P.S. Arora
*    Demand and Supply Analysis of Onion Under Uncertain Production Situations     75
D. Sreenivasa Murthy and K. V. Subrahmanyam
*    Trend in Production, Prices and Market Arrivals of                                            84
Sorghum Vs Competing Crops-A Critical Analysis
B. Dayakar Rao, K.A. Bharath Kumar and Binu Mathew
*    Marketing of Grapes in Nasik District                                                                93
S. K. Dhage and R. K. Rahane
*Economics of Production and Marketing of Pomegranate                                   100
K. A. Khunt, H.M. Gajipara, B. K. Gadhvi and  S. B. Vekariya
*A Study on Marketing of Milch Cattle in Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu           108
T. R. Raja Rajan and J. P. Dhaka
*    Cost and Price Determination Models for Milk                                                  117
R. S. Pundir
*    Marketing Challenges and Strategies for Promoting Indian                                 128
Vegetable Seed Industry
J. K. Sharm and, Mukesh Pandey
*    Marketing of Grapes in Osmanabad and Latur District of Maharashtra               153
U.S. Bondar, K.K. Mangave and N.S. Lohar
*    Marketing Situation of Cotton in Western Maharashtra                                      159
S.S. Methetre and S.D. Patil
*    Economics of Sheep and Wool Marketing in Haryana                                        162
Jitender Bhatia, U. K. Pandey and K.S. Suhag
*    Economics of Production and Marketing of Banana in Jalgaon                            173
District of Western Maharashtra
B.K. Mali, S.S. Bhosale, P.M. Shendage and P.V. Kale
*    Econometric Analysis of Effects of Modern Technology in                                 182
Paddy Production in Karnataka
L.B. Kunal, G.M. Gaddi and J. B. Olekar
*    Performance of Regulated Markets in Goa : A Case Study                                194
A. Pendnekar
*    Summaries of Group Discussions and Recommendation of the                            204
16th National Conference on Agricultural Marketing


Vol. 17                              No. 3 (Conference Special)         October-December 2003
Session I
*    A Theoretical  Framework to Promote Organic                                                   1
Produce Marketing in India
      T.  N.  Prakash                                                                                                
*    Marketing of Organic Product and Minor Forest Produce                                   17
V. Saravana Kumar and D. K. Jain                                                                 
*    Marketing  of  Minor  Forest  Produce  in  India :                                               28
Trends,  Constraints  and  Prospects
Brahm Prakash
*   Temporal Variations in the Marketing of Minor Forest                                        39
Produce in Tribal Areas of Andhra Pradesh – A Case Study
M. R. Naidu, K. N. Ravi Kumar and P. S. S. Murthy
*Diversified Organic Farming : Case Study of a                                                   50
Successful Farmer
Anil  Kumar Rathi, J. C. Karwasra and K. N. Rai
*    Summaries (Session I)                                                                                      59
*    Chairman’s Report                                                                                           77

Session II
*    Export  Prospects  of  Indian  Horticulture  Products                                          84
in the Post WTO Regime
Sudha. M
*    Prospects  for  Exports  of  Horticulture  Products                                              97
in West Bengal
Sadhan Kumar Chattopadhyay
*    Demand, Supply and Trade Perspective of Vegetables                                       121
and Fruits in India
Praduman Kumar and Pramod Kumar
*    Export Performance of Onion and Potato from                                                  131
India – An Economic Analysis
S. Hyma Jyothi, V. T. Raju, I. Narendar and  Y. Eswara Prasad
     *    Export Scenario of Mangoes From India                                                           142
R. V. Sujatha, Y. Eswara Prasad and Vasudev
*    Summaries (Session II)                                                                                    151
*    Chairman’s Report                                                                                          191
Session III

*         The  Fuzzy  Logic  of  Indian  Agriculture –  Alternative                                      199
Perspectives  through  Seed  Production  and  Marketing :
The  Potential  of  the  Andhra  Pradesh  Seed  Industry
T. Harischandra Prasad
*    The Seed Delivery System in Andhra Pradesh :                                                 215
Institutional and Policy Issues
Aldas Janaiah
*    Economic Implications of Production and Distribution of  Seed                           225
in Andhra Pradesh with Particular Reference to Maize,
Sunflower and Cotton
Radha Y, K.R.Chowdry, K.Hemachandrudu, B.S.Kulkarni
and B.Ragaiah

*    Factors Influencing Decision Making of Vegetable Growers and                        235
Brand Loyalty in Vegetable Seed Market in Andhra Pradesh
B. V. Ramana Murthy, D. Kumara Charyulu, T. Krishna Prasad
and Y. Eswara Prasad

*    An Analysis of Seed Production in India with Special                                         243
Reference to Andhra Pradesh
Ch. Srilatha, I. Narender, G.V. Krishna Raoand Y. Eswara Prasad
*    Merging Imperative Scenario of Seed Pricing Policies and                                  250
Certification Mechanism
P. D. Mishra, R.N.Yadav, Kashev Prasad, B.K.Gupta
and Sant Ram.                                                                                                 

*    Summaries (Session III)                                                                                   259
*    Chairman’s Report                                                                                          263

Vol. 18       No. 1                                                                                              January-April  2004
*    Agricultural Credit in India : Status, Issues and Future Agenda
Rakesh Mohan                                                                                                1
*    Globalisation of Indian Diets and the Transformation of Food
Supply Systems
Prabhu Pingali and Yasmeen Khwaja                                                            26
*Comparative Economics of Agro-Processing Units for
Groundnut in Southern Rajasthan
D. C. Pant and Pradeep Pal                                                                           50
*    Sources of Income for Small and Marginal Farmers in Dry Farming areas
M. S. Raghavendra and L. B. Kunnal                                                             58
*    Marketing of Apis mellifera Honey in Himachal Pradesh
S. K. Chauhan and S. K. Sharma                                                                    66
*    Production and marketing of Wheat in Dharwad District :
An Economic Analysis
Dawit Legesse and H. Basavaraja                                                                  74
*    Role of Small Farmers in Diversification of Punjab  Agriculture
with Vegetables
M. K. Sekhon and Manjeet Kaur                                                                    80
*    Contract Farming of Seed in India : A Study of Private
and Public Sector Performance
Sukhpal Singh                                                                                                89
*    Export of Turmeric : Status and Prospects
Arjinder Kaur, Kiran Sethi and Parminder Kaur                                           104
*    Marketing Efficiency and Price Behaviour of Green Peas in Punjab
S. S. Chahal, Rohit Singla and Poonam Kataria                                            115
*    Marketing of Marigold, Rose and Jasmine in Uttar Pradesh
Rakesh Kumar, A. R. Reddy and C. Sen                                                          12
*    An Economic Analysis of Post Harvest Losses in Fresh Vegetables
Ajay Verma and K. P. Singh                                                                          136
*    Marketing of Maize (Zea mays L.) in Rajasthan
D. C. Pant and Shyoraj Hada                                                                        140
Recommendations of the 17th National Conference                                         148

Vol. 18       No. 2                                                                                                 May-August  2004

Contents                                                                                          Page
*          Nature of Farming, Post-Harvest Practices and Food Consumption          1
levels of Tribal, Backward and Hilly Population of India
R. S. Singh
*        Economics of Production and Marketing of Vegetables in Andaman and
Nicobar Island                                                                                       16
B. Ganesh Kumar, S. C. Pramanik and Shakila Nawaz
*        Marketing of Mushroom in Chhattisgarh Plain                                         23
A.B. Thakare and S.P. Gupta
*        Economics of Production, Marketing and Processing of Turmeric in
Karnataka                                                                                             32
G.B. Lokesh and M. G. Chandrakanth
*        Marketing of Onion in Maharashtra                                                        45
Sangeeta Shroff
*        Impact of WTO on Rice Export from India and Tasks ahead                   59
P. Samal and D. K. Behera
*        Price Spread, Marketing Efficiency and Constraints in Marketing of Onion
in Indore District of Madhya Pradesh                                                     66
R. Verma, A. M. Rajput and R. S. Patidar
*        Agricultural Price Policy : Implications for Punjab Agriculture                  77
P. Kataria and S. S. Chahal

*        A Study on Structure of Livestock Markets in the Central
Alluvial Plains   of West Bengal                                                             87
Arun Pandit and J. P. Dhaka

*        A Study on Marketing of Onion in Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu           98
T. Puspa Jothi Indira and M. Sendhil Velan

PANEL DISCUSSION ON SEED INDUSTRY                                                            105

  Vol. 18             No. 3 (Conference Special)         October-December 2004
Session I1
*    Development of Market Infrastructure for Globalisation in India                           1
      P.S. Rangi and M.S. Sidhu
*    Impact of Market Infrastructural Development on Market Arrival in                    23
Uttar Pradesh – An Economic Analysis
      R.B. Singh and Rekha Dayal
*Assessment of Market Infrastructure and Integration :                                        30
A Case Study of Orissa
Alka Singh, A. K. Vasisht, B. R. Atteri and Daroga Singh
*    Floriculture Scenario in Himachal Pradesh – Infrastructure Needs                       40
D. R. Thakur (Retired), A.A. Saini and K. D. Sharma
*    Agricultural Marketing Infrastructural Facilities in India                                      52
M. S. Jairath
*    Summaries (Session I)                                                                                      67
Session II
*    Livestock Production and Post Production Systems –                                          91
Need for a Pragmatic Approach
A. Subbarama Naidu and N. Kondaiah
*Changes in Consumption and Demand for Livestock and                                    110
Poultry Products in India
Praduman Kumar and Pratap S. Birthal

*Production, Exports and Pattern of Value Addition of                                         124
Livestock and Poutry Products in India
Pramod Kumar

*Estimation of Demand Functions and Short Run Supply                                      135
Functions for Eggs in Haryana
Shiv Kumar*, U. K. Pandey and K. S. Suhag

*Marketing of Poultry Products in Andhra Pradesh an Over View                       149
R. S. Sujatha and Y. Eswaraprasad

Summaries (Session II)  164

Vol. 19                                                                                           No. 1   January-April January-April  2005

Contents                                                          Page
*        From the Green to the Gene Revolution : How will the Poor Fare?           1
Prabhu Pingali
*        Price Spread of Kinnow in Punjab                                                          15
Satnam Singh and M. S. Sidhu
*        Post Harvest Hindling and Marketing of Banana                                     25
(CV Tella Chakkara Keli) in Rajahmundry Region of Andhra Pradesh
M. Sudha, D. Srinivasa Murthy and T. M. Gajanana
*        Role of Commission Agents in Agricultural Marketing in Punjab               38
R.S. Rangi and M. S. Sidhu
*        Price Spread Analysis of Bullock Marketing in                                        53
Central Alluvial Plains of West Bengal
J. P. Dhaka and Arun Pandit
*       Efficiency of Live Broiler Marketing in Tamil Nadu                                   65
K. N. Selvakumar, A. Serma Saravana Pandian, M. Prabhu and N. Meganathan
*       Economics Evaluation of Rainfed Aonla Cultivation in Konhan Region    73
of Maharashtra
M. S. Gawankar, D.V. Shingre, B.P. Patil,
V.V. Savgekar, S.S. Wadkar and G.D. Joshi

*       Sample Survey and Economics of Oyster Mushroom                                  79
(Pleurotus spp.) Cultivation on Small, Medium and Large
Mushroom Farms in Rajasthan
Rajkumar and S.S. Burark
*           Cost of Transporation of Milk in a C0-operative Sector Dairy Plant          89
in Tamilnadu
N. Rangasamy
*      Recommendations of 18th National Conference on Agricultural
Marketing (Shimla)                                                                                    96

Vol. 19                                                                           No. 2 (Conference Special)  January-April May-August  2005
Session I
*    Fish and Fish Products Marketing : Facets, Faultliness and Future                         1
M. Krishnan and S. Ayyappan
*    An Economic Analysis of Price Behaviour and Efficiency of  Marine                  19
Fish  Marketing Systems in East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
R. Narayanakumar and R. Sathiadhas
*    Marine Fish Marketing System in Coastal Saurashtra                                          30
G. S. Dave, R. L. Shiyani and H. M. Gajipara
*    Discrimination of Fishermen’s Net Share in Marketing of                                    42
Marine Fishes in Orissa
Dibakar Naik
*    Role of Various Intermediaries in Fish Marketing –                                             49
A Study of Fresh Water  Fish  Trade  in  Uttaranchal
Ashutosh Singh and Rajesh
*    Summaries (Session I)                                                                                      59
*    Chairman’s Report (Session I)                                                                          88
Session II
*    A Perspective of Contract Farming with Special Reference                                94
to India
S. R. Asokan
*    Globalisation of Indian Commodity Futures Markets :                                         107
Some Lessons from International Experience
K. G. Sahadevan
*    Contract  Farming  of  Mint  in  Punjab                                                             121
Gurdev Singh
*    Some Constraints to Indian Agricultural Commodity Futures                               130
M. S. Jairatt and Prashant Kamboj
*    Managing Risk through Contract Farming – A Case study                                  147
of Gherkins Cultivation
D. Kumaracharyulu, G. V. Krishna Rao, S. Narasimham
and Y. Eswara Prasad

*    Contract Farming Venture in Cotton – A Case Study in Tamil Nadu                    153
Isabella Agarwal, S. Priya and S. Bhuvaneswari
*    Summaries (Session II)                                                                                    164
*    Chairman’s Report (Session II)                                                                        187
Session III
*    Marketing and Export of Horticultural Products of Uttaranchal :                         194
Status, Potential and Strategies
      V. P. S. Arora
*    Problems and Prospects in Value Chain of Litchi Export                                    207
from Uttaranchal
B. K. Sikka, M. L. Sharma and  N. C. Nainwal
*    Strategic Planning Framework for Horti-business in Uttaranchal :                       218
The TOWS Matrix Approach
Sapna A. Narula, B. K. Sikka and Saurabh Singh
*    E-Marketing and Apple Industry in Uttaranchal:                                                229
Problems and Prospects
M. L.Sharma, B. K. Sikka, Saurabh Singh and Sapna A. Narula
*    Managing Marketing Problems and Emerging Needs                                         238
of Apple Growers of Uttaranchal
B. K. Sikka, M. L. Sharma and M. S. Jairath
*    Summaries (Session III) 250
*   Chairman’s Report (Session III)                                                                             258

Vol. 19                                               No. 3 January-April         Sept – December  2005
*    Resource-Poor Farmers in Changing Market and Trade Environments                  1
Joachim Von Braun 
*    Marketing of Apple in Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh-India                        11
A. K. Randev
*    Production and Marketing Constraints of Sunflower
Cultivation  in  Andhra  Pradesh                                                                        20
Y. Sudhakar Reddy and G.P. Reddy
*    Marketing Channels, Marketing Cost, Price Spread and Marketing                      28
Efficiency of Betel-Leaf
R. Varadarajan and A.Bose
*    Economic Analysis of Milk Marketing in Shimoga District of Karnataka              39
K.B.Vedamurthy & A. K. Chauhan
*    Marketing of Sheep / Mutton                                                                             52
G. Senthil Kumar and N. Meganathan
*    An Econometric Analysis of Tomato Arrivals and Prices in Punjab                      61
Lavleen Kaur, Tejinder Dhaliwal, P. S. Rangi and Nirmal Singh
*    Practices and Channels for Marketing of Guava in Udaipur District                     68
of Rajasthan
Babu Lal Meena, D.C. Pant and J.D. Sharma
*    Export of Organic Products from India : Present Status and Future Scope            81
K. V. Subrahmanyam and K. Nagasree
*    Estimation of Post – harvest Losses in Kinnow Marketing in India                       92
Rajesh K. Rana, Anshuman Karol, P. S. Dahiya, N. K. Pandey
and N. R. Kumar

*    Study Tour Report to South East Asian Countries                                              103
*    Recommendations of 19th National Conference                                         126
on Agricultural  Marketing (Pantnagar)

Vol. 20                                                             No. 1                          January-April  2006
*    Marketing and Estimation of Post Harvest Losses of Tomato crop in Karnataka   1
      T. M. Gajanana, D. Sreenivasa Murthy, M. Sudha and V. Dakshinamoorthy
*    Exports of Basmati Rice and Its Stability : Markov Chain Analysis                      11
P. M. Sadavatti
*    Marketing of Jatropha (Jatropha curcas) in Udaipur District of Rajasthan            19
Shiv Kumar and S. S. Burark
*    Price Behaviour of Major Vegetables in Gujarat State                                        28
K. A. Khunt, H. M. Gajipara and S. B. Vekariya
*    Economic of Production and Marketing of Banana in Sindhudurg, Maharashtra    38
A. A. Rane and S. R. Bagade
*    Study on Marketing of Pesticides in Haryana                                                     46
R. K. Grover  and  M. S. Luhach
*    Household Food Consumption Pattern and Demand in North                               57
Eastern States of India
Amy Soe and Alka Singh
*    Production  and  Marketing  of  Sweet  Potato  in  India                                      68
T. Srinivas and S. Ramanathan
*    Market Arrivals and Price Behaviour of Potato A Study of Four                         78
Metropolitan Markets
Virendrer Kumar, H. R. Sharma and R. K. Sharma
*    Export Competitiveness of Indian Shrimp in the World  Market                           90
K. Umadevi and Y. Eswaraprasad
*    Production and Marketing of Potato in Barpeta District of Assam State              100
Arun Pandit, N. K. Pandey, Rajesh K. Rana, N. R. Kumar and C. K. Deka
*    Oilseed Scenario in India – A Special Reference to Sesame Crop                       111
Sonika Gupta, R. K. Sharma and Harbans Lal
*    Prospects and Problems of Agro-Processing Industries in Bikaner                      124
District of Rajasthan
K. A.Varghese and Indus Singh
*    Food Expenditure Pattern of Rural Households in Andhra Pradesh                     131
Richard O. Musebe and Praduman Kumar

Vol. 20                                                       No. 2                                 May-August  2006
*    Production and Marketing of Pear in Amritsar District of Punjab                          1
      N. S. Sekhon, A. S. Bhullar and M. S. Sidhu
*    Milk and Milk Products : A Study of Consumption Pattern and Consumer
Preferences in Hubli-Dharwad Twin Cities of Karnataka                                    16
S. B. Mahajana Shetti, K. B. Ramappa and H. Basavaraj
*    Growth and Instability in Production and Export Marketing of Garlic                    25
V. M. Thumar, H. M. Gajipara and K. A. Khunt
*    Post Harvest Losses in Food Grains in Karnataka : An Economic Analysis          34
H. Basavaraja, S. B. Mahajana Shetti and N. C. Udagatti
*    Sources, Replacement and Management of Cotton (American)                           48
Seed by Farmers in Punjab
Harpreet Singh and M. S. Sindhu
*    Probability and Intensity of Farmers Using Regulated Markets –                          61
A Tobit Approach
K.Govindarajan, S. Muraligopal  and T. R. Shanmugam
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   *    Availing Maketing Infrastructure for Horticultural Crops : Emerging                    69
Perspective and Future Policies
K. G. Kshirsagar
*    Production and Marketing of Peach Fruit :  A Case Study of                               81
Rajgarh Area of District Sirmour in Himachal Pradesh
S. P. Saraswat, Prem Singh Dahiya and Pratap Singh
Research Notes
*    Marketing Costs, Margins and Price Spread of Bajra in Sangli                             92
District of Maharashtra State
D. N. Pawar
*    Marketing of Cashew Kernels in North District of Goa                                     97
Naik Amita Namdeo, A. K. Koulagi and L. K. Wader
*    Marketing  System  for  Apple  in  Hills- Problems  and Prospects                      101
(A Case Study of Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh)
Brij Bala
*    A Study of Marketing of Ginger in Ri-Bhoi District of Meghalaya                       106
A. K. Tripathi, Subhasis Mandal, K. K. Datta and M. R. Verma
*    Marketing Pattern of Green Peas in Punjab                                                     117
Ajrinder Kaur, Kiran Sethi and S. K. Saran

Vol. 20                                       No. 3 (Conference Special)                   Sept – Dec.  2006
Session I
*    Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure and Policy s Reforms –                               1
An Institutional Credit Purveyor’s Perspective
Sunil Kumar
*A Study on Impact of Globalisation on the Marketing of Key Farm                      11
Inputs in India
H. N. Atibudhi
*    Prospects of Contract Farming in India in the Context of Globalisation                 18
      S. S. Kalamkar
*    Rural Cooperative Marketing Management Efficiency in the Era                         35
of Globalisation: A Synthesis of Case Studies of F & V Marketing
Deepak Shah
Summaries (Session I)                                                                                      52
Session II
*    Agri-business Management and Measures of trade Facilitation in India                74
      G. P. Reddy
*    Economic Analysis of Milk Processing in Organised and Unorganised                 84
Sectors of Haryana
      A. K.Chauhan, J. P. Dhaka, Surendra Singh, B. S. Chandel and
Satya Pal Sharma

*    Value Addition in Maize Processing Industry in Belgaum District                        97
of Karnataka – A Case Study
      R. R. Mane, H. S. Vijayakumar, M. B. Nichit and N. S. Lohar
*    Value Addition in case of Apple in Himachal Pradesh Through Improved            106
Marketing Functions
      A. K. Randev
*    Summaries (Session II)                                                                                    118
Session III
*    Farmers’ Suicides in Western Vidarbha : Some Market Related Issues                143
Srijit Mishra
*    Terminal Market – A Panacea for Vidarbha Growers                                        157
M. S. Jairath, Anurag Bhatnagar and J. S. Yadav
*Summaries (Session III)                                                                                   164
Concept Paper on Linking Farm/Village to Markets                                       169
Chairman’s Report (Session I)                                                                            177
Chairman’s Report (Session II)                                                                           191
Chairman’s Report (Session III)                                                                          197

Vol. 21          No. 1                                                                              Jan – April  2007
*    Changing Structure of Demand for Agricultural Commodities : Preparing              1
for the future                                                                                                    
G. K. Chadha
*Agricultural Crisis and the Need for Participatory Institutions                              43
S. R. Hashim
*    Indian Wheat Economy and Trade Prospects : Challenges ahead                         55
Ranjit Kumar, R. P. Singh and N. P. Singh 
*    Quality Characteristics Influencing Price of Important Vegetables in Karnataka   71
      C. Murthy and L. K. Wader
*    Production and Trade Performance of Major Spices Grown in Western               83
Ghat Region in India
M. Hema and Ranjit Kumar
*    Economics of Milk Procurement in a Co-operative Sector Dairy Plant in              96
Tamil Nadu
N. Rangasamy, J. P. Dhaka and Kulwant Singh
*    Marketing Infrastructure for Sustainable Development –                                     110
Role of Punjab Mandi Board
M. K. Sekhon and P. S. Rangi
*    Economics of Cold Storage Industry in Ludhiana District of Punjab                     122
Gurkirpal Singh and Sukhjeet K. Saran
*    Changing Direction of Indian Mango Exports                                                     130
Pramod Kumar, P. S. Badal and Lalith Achoth
*    Book Reviews                                                                                                 138
*    Recommendations of 20th National Conference on Agricultural Marketing           144

Vol. 21                                                                         No. 2                            May – August  2007
*    Market  Reforms  in  Indian  Agriculture                                                            1
S. Mahendra Dev
*Economics of Production and Marketing of Groundnut Seeds                           30
B. L. Dudhat and K. A. Khunt
*    Production and Marketing of Indian Gooseberry-Aonla                                    39
(Emblica officinalis Gaertn.) in Pratapgarh District of Uttar Pradesh
K. Kareemulla, R. K. Tewari, B. Singh and Kuldeep Kumar
*    Economics of Production and Marketing Strategies of Potato in Orissa             46
L. D. Hatai and M. A. A. Baig
*    Indigenous Honeybees, Honey Production Practices and Policy                        58
Options for their Conservation
S. K. Chauhan
*    Economics of Milk Procurement in a Co-operative Sector Dairy                      70
Plant in Tamil Nadu – A Comparative Study
N. Rangasamy, J. P. Dhaka
*    Food Grain Demand and Supply Projections For India up to year 2030           85
M. K. Sekhon and Tejinder Dhariwal
*    Policy  Evolution in the Foodgrain Markets in Bangladesh :                              100
The Case of Domestic Procurement, Importation  and  Distribution
Mohammad Jahangir Alam and Guido Van Huylengroec
*    Marketing of Aonla  (Emblica  officinalis  G.)  In Gurajat                              114
V. K. Gondalia and G. N. Patel
*    Consumption  Pattern  and  Consumer  Satisfaction:                                        125
A study of Milk and Milk Products in Urban Punjab
      Sangeeta Verma, Veena Goel and M. S. Toor
*    Agricultural Marketing and External Trade : Infrastructure and                         141
Policy Needs for XI Five Year Plan
S.  S.  Acharya
*    Production Performance and Economics of Litchi Cultivation in Punjab            157
V. K. Sharma, Deepak Anchal and Varinder Pal Singh
*    Perception of Bird Flu Disease on Consumption of Chicken                            165
and Eggs in Dharwad District of Karnataka
Ajay Ramdurg, K. Shivashankar, K. K. Shashidhara and H. S. S. Khan
*    Marketing of Sapota in Thane District                                                             171
R. R. Nirgude, P. N. Shendage and K. L. Jadhav
*    Price Spreads and Marketing Efficiency of Kinnow in                                      181
Sri Ganganagar District of Rajasthan: A Temporal Study
Harsimranjeet Kaur and I. P. Singh
*    Marketing of Kharif Potato in Satara District Maharashtra                               188
A. V. Nikam, P. N. Shendage, K. L. Jadhav and T. B. Deokate

Vol. 21                                                No. 3 (Conference Special)           Sept. – Dec.  2007

Theme – I                                                                                                         Page
*    Issues  in  Agriculture  Marketing  in  India                                                        1
Y.  S.  P. Thorat
*Marketing  and  Trade  Policies  in  a  Globalizing  World                                 20
Ramesh Chand
*    The  Potentials  of  Warehouse  Receipt  System  for  Financing  and                31
Marketing of  Commodities (A  Case  Study  of  Potato  Markets  in  Uttar
K. G.  Sahadevan
*    Policy  Support  for  Contract  Farming  in  Lac  Cultivation  –                          43
An  Alternative  Marketing  Model
S. P. Bhardwaj and A. K. Vasisht

*    Comparative  Analysis  of   Farmer’s  (Uzhavar  Santhai)  Market   in               55
Madurai,  Tamil  Nadu
N. Anandaraja, T. Rathakrishnan,  M. Ramasubramanian,
G. Gayathri, K. Senthilvadivoo and G. Sujhi

*    Supply  Chain  Management  Analysis  of  Tomato  from  Farm  to                   65
Modern  Retail  Outlets
K. Lokanadhan
*    Summaries (Theme – I)                                                                                    72
Theme – II
*    Impact  of  Agricultural  Policy  on  the  Integration  of  Major                          76
Markets  of  Bellary  Onion  in  India
N.  Raveendaran, S. Selvam, S. Eswaran,  D. Murugananthi
and  P. Padmavathy

*    Comparision  of  Regulated  and  Unregulated  Markets  for  Vegetables          85
in  Saurashtra  Region  of  Gujarat  State
H. R. Visawadia, S. B. Vekariya  and R. L. Shiyani
*    Conceptual  Reforms  to  Improve  Marketing  Efficiency.                               100
S. P. Bhardwaj
*    Emergence of  Electronic Trading in India-An Overview                                  108
      Ritambhara  Singh
*    Summaries (Theme – II)                                                                                  122
Theme – III
*    An  Economic  Analysis  of  Supply  Chain  Management  and                         125
Marketing  Efficiency  of  Mango  in  Tamil  Nadu,  India
A. Malaisamy,  M. Chandrasekaran and R. Parimalarangan
*    Summaries (Theme – III).                                                                               134
*    Recommendations                                                                                    138

Vol. 22                                                                     No. 1                    Jan. – April  2008
*    Migrant  Vegetable  Sellers  in  Ludhiana  City :  A  Case  Study                       1
Vipal Bhagat and M. S. Sidhu
*Post Harvest Losses in Fruits and Vegetables in Himachal Pradesh                   13
Meenakshi Sharma and Ranveer Singh
*    Price  Spread  and  Efficiency  of  Sorghum  Grain  Marketing  in                     25
Mahabubnagar  District  of  Andhra  Pradesh
C. A. Rama Rao, P. Sudhakar Reddy, V. Srinivas and Y. V. R. Reddy
*    Comparative Performance of Ann and Arima Models in Banana                 35
Price Forecasting
S. Selvam, A. Malarvizhi, N. Raveendaran, Karnam Loganathan  and S. Anita
*    WTO and Export Competitiveness of  Apple : A Study of
Himachal Pradesh                                                                                            46
Suresh Kumar and Ranveer Singh
*    Consumption of Milk and its Derivatives in Punjab –
An Economic Analysis                                                                                     60
G. S. Randhawa and S. S. Chahal
*    Status of Flori – Business in Goa                                                                      72
K. Ramachanduru
*    Performance and Problems of  Regulated  Markets in Gujarat                          82
K. A. Khunt, S. B. Vekariya and  H. M. Gajipara
*    Production and Marketing of Potato in Banaskantha District of Gujarat             99
Nalini Ranjan Kumar, N. K. Pandey and R. K. Rana
*    Government Intervention in Rice Marketing in Sri Lanka :
A Policy Review                                                                                             111
L. P. Rupasena, H. S. Vijayakumar and N. M. Kerur
*    Export  Potential  and  Barriers  in  Export  of  Onion  from  Gujarat                128
K. A. Khunt, H. M. Gajipara and S. B. Vekariya
*    Farm  Women  Participation  in  Agricultural  Marketing Activities
in  the  Transitional  Plain Region  of  Rajasthan                                              141
D. C. Pant

Vol. 22                                                                   No. 2                    May – August  2008
*    Resource  use  Efficiency  in  Rice  Cultivation  in  Sri  Lanka                             1
L. P. Rupasena, H. S. Vijayakumar and N. M. Kerur
*Supply  Response  of  Rice  and  Sorghum  in  Andhra  Pradesh                       11
K. Prabakaran, G. Krishnakant and B.S.Kulkarni
*    Estimation  of  Wastage  and  Availability  of  Foodgrains  in                             23
Himachal  Pradesh
Meenakshi Sharma and Ranveer  Singh
*    Economics  of  Production  and  Marketing  of  Guava  in  Buldhana                 32
District  of  Maharashtra
S. A. Naphade and A. S. Tingre
*    Market  Economy  of  Apple  in  Jammu  and  Kashmir                                    42
M. H. Wani, S. H. Baba  and  Shoaib Yusuf
*    Marketing  and  Value  Addition  of  Pashmina  in  Cold  Arid  Himalayas         59
S. A. Wani, M. H. Wani, Shoaib Yusuf, S.H. Baba and Iffat Mushtaq
*    Marketing  of  Henna (Lawsonia inermis L.) in  Pali  District  of  Rajasthan     70
Ganga G. Lal, P. L. Saran and S. K. Suhag
*    Nature, Extent  and  Determinants  of  Milch  Animal  Trade in                         79
Mid  Plain  Zone  of  Uttar  Pradesh
Ashwani K. Sharma, Rakesh K. Singh and S.C.Tripathi
*    Trackling  Farm  Subsidies  in  New  Trade  Regime                                       113
*    Awareness  of  Consumer  Rights  and  Responsibilities Among                       135
Farmers  in  Punjab
Pratibha Goyal, Gagandeep Banga, Babita Kumar and Divya Jain
*    Role of  Women  in  the  Economy  of  Vulnerable  House  Holds  with           145
Special  Reference to Dairying-A Case Study  of  Milk  Producers  in
Bichpuri  of  Milk  Producers  in  Bichpuri  Block  of  Arga  District (UP)
Meenakshi Gupta and Parminder Kaur
*    A  Study  on  Fish  Production,  Marketing  and  Price behaviour  in                152
Udaipur  (Rajasthan)
Vinod  Khajuria,  O. P. Sharma  and H. K. Jain
*    Economics  of  Production  and  Marketing  of  Bulbous  Ornament –              170
A  Case  Study  of  Liliul
T. M. Gajanana, M. Sudha, D. Sreenivasa Murthy & V. Dakshina Moorthy
*    Economics  of  Production  and  Marketing  of  Mushroom  in  Haryana          184
Ram Singh  and  Abhey Singh
*    Brand  wise  Expenditure  Estimates  of  Processed  Potato Products              196
in  Punjab
Rajesh K. Rana, N. K. Pandey, Arun Pandit and  N. R. Kumar
*    Price  Spread  and  Marketing  Efficiency  in  Marketing  of  Cultured
Fish Species  in  South  Tripura  District  of  Tripura
      Kehar Singh                                                                                                 207
*    An  Economic  Analysis  of  Mushroom  Cultivation  in  Punjab                       221
Sukhjet  K. Saran,  Mini  Goyal  and  Kiran  Sethi

Vol. 22                                                             No. 3            September – December  2008
*    An Economic Analysis of Green Chilli Marketing in Punjab                                1
Gaganjot Singh and S. S. Chahal
*Growth and Instability In Revised Export Marketing of Onion                           11
S. K. Goyal
*    Marketing and Post-Harvest Losses in Cabbage and Culiflower in                    25
West Bengal
Nalini Ranjan Kumar, N. K. Pandey and R. K. Rana
*    Market  Economy  of  Apple  in  Jammu  and  Kashmir                                    38
K.R. Ashok and R. Maheswari
*    Growth, Instability and Supply Response of Wheat in Arid Rajasthan               47
B. L. Gajja, Khem Chand  and  Shailender  Singh
*    Organic Farming : Farmers’ Perception                                                            59
B. L. Dhaka, R. L. Suwalka  and M. K. Poonia
*    Production and Marketing of Betel Leaf : A Study of Constraints in Bihar         66
Rama Shankar Singh and Amalendu Kumar
*    Marketing Channels and Constraints in Minibroiler Marketing in                       72
Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu
M. Prabu and  A. Serma  Saravana  Pandian
*    Marketing of  Vegetables in Vaishali District of Bihar                                        80
Sanjeev Kumar, Vinod Kumar  and  A. K. Jha
*    Pattern of Market Arrivals and Market Integration of Groundnut in                   89
Regulated Markets, Tamil Nadu
V. Balamurugan and  Ramanathan
*    Market Arrivals and Price Behaviours of Potato in Punjab                                99

Inderpal Singh and P. S. Rangi
*     Cost,  Returns  and  Profitability  of  Kharif  Potato  in Satara  District             109
of  Western  Maharashtra
B. V. Pagire and R. D. Dangare 
*     Production and Post Harvest Management of Litchi in South Bihar Alluvial

Plain Zone : Present Status, Scope and Strategies.
M. K. Wadhwani, Rajesh Kumar and R. R. Singh                                    119
*    Economics of  Production and Marketing of  Selected Medicinal and               128
Aromatic Plants in Western Maharashtra
B. N. Pawar and D. S. Hange
*Book   Reviews141

Vol. 23                                               No. 1 (Conference Special)           Jan. – April  2009
THEME – I                                                                                                      Page
*    Food Retail Marketing in India                                                                          1
Sukhjeet K. Saran and Mini Goyal
*Analysis of Supply Chain Management in Potato Export from India                  10
Nalini Ranjan Kumar, N. K. Pandey, Rajesh K. Rana and Arun Pandit
*    Successful Rural Institution – A Case Study of a Cooperative Society in
Delhi                                                                                                               20
Ram Bahal, B. R. Atteri and J. P. S. Dabas
*    Supply Chain Management in the Farmers-Market : Principles and                   28
Practices in Tamilnadu
R. Rajendran and R. Thamilmani
*    Summaries                                                                                                    40
*    Price Volatility and Integration in Spot and Futures Market of Gram                 46
S. P. Bhardwaj  and  A. K. Vasisht
*    Impact of Training on Production and Marketing of Ginger in Ri-Bhoi
District of Meghalaya                                                                                       58
A.K.Tripathi, Subhasis Mandal, Med Ram Verma and V. T. Raju
*    An  Econometric Analysis of  Household Demand for Major Vegetables          66
in  India
N. Sivaramane, D. R. Singh and Prawin Arya
*    Summaries                                                                                                    77
*    Importance of Integrated Value Chain  (IVC) : A case study of                        83
Indian agriculture industry
Ruhi Gandhi, Y. P. Sachdeva, Sandeep Kapur and Rameshwar  S.  Rattan
*    Supply Chains for High Value Crops : A Case Study of  Mint in Punjab            93
Sukhpal  Singh
*    Contract Farming Practices Followed by ITC Limited and Pepsico                  104
India Holdings Private Limited
Gagandeep Banga, Babita Kumar and Chanchaldeep Singh Sandhu
*    Summaries                                                                                                   113

Vol. 23                                             No. 2                             May – August  2009
*    Economics of  Production and Marketing of Rose Flowers  in Rose                   1
Growing Pockets of Rajasthan
Ruchira Shukla and P. K. Srivastava
*Contract  Farming  in  India :  Status  and  Potential for  Potato                         15
Arun Pandit
*    Dairy Input Procurement and Output Disposal System in                                  28
South Tripura : Implications for Dairy Development
Smita Sirohi and Pranajit Bhowmik
*    Spatial and Temporal Anaylsis of  Mutton Prices in Tamil Nadu                        36
G. Senthil Kumar, A. S. S. Pandian, M. Prabu,
G. Kathiravan and N. Meganathan

*    Production and Marketing of  Potato in Bathinda District of                              43
Punjab – A Comparison of  Processing and Non-Processing Varieties
Nalini Ranjan Kumar, N. K. Pandey, Rajesh K. Rana and Arun Pandit
*    Marketing of  Sapota in Northern Karnataka                                                   57
M. G. Kerutagi, V. A. Ramachandra, L. B. Kunnal,
S. B. Mahajanshetti and A. M. Shirol

*    A Study on Company and Dealer Relationships in                                            66
Agro-Chemical  Business
V. D. George and Debabrata Lahiri
*    Production and Marketing of  Mushroom in Udaipur District                            75
of  Rajasthan
Naval Kishor Meena, D.C. Pant and B. Upadhyay
*    A Study into the Factors Determining Marketed Surplus of Milk                       85
in Rural Punjab
G. S.Randhawa, S. S. Chahal and Satwinder Singh
*    Marketing  Efficiency  of  Cooperative  Marketing  Societies in                         99
Himachal  Pradesh :  A  Case  Study  of  Vegetables
Brij  Bala

*    Production and Marketing of  Marigold Flowers in Rajasthan with                   109
Special Reference to Jaipur District
R. D. Singh Rajawat, S. S. Burark and B. U. Upadhaya
*    Costs, Margins and Price Spread of  Rapeseed and Mustard in                       117
Sriganganagar District of Rajasthan
N. K. Singh and R. P. Singh
*    Cooperative and Regulated Marketing of  Soyabean in Madhya Pradesh-       125
A Comparative Study
H. P. Singh, Rakesh Singh, M. K. Jain and O.P. Singh
*    Economic Analysis of  Maize Price Behaviour in Andhra Pradesh                    137
R. Vajaya Kumari
*    Price Spread of  Litchi in Punjab                                                                     147
Deepak Anchal and V. K. Sharma
*    Factors Affecting the use of  Agrochemicals-An Empirical Study                     154
V. D. George and Debabrata Lahiri
*    Recommendations                                                                                       170

Vol. 23                        No. 3 (Conference Special)                   Sept. – Dec. 2009
*    A  Perspective  on  Agricultural  Marketing  in  India                                         1
S. R. Hashim
*Impact  of  Global  Markets on  Indian  Agricultural  Markets                           10
Surabhi Mittal
*    Trade Performance of  India in Livestock Products under WTO
Regime : Prospects and Issues                                                                         18
Deepak Shah
*    Changed  Scenario in  Trade of  Shrimp  in  India :                                           32
Needed  Policy  Measures
B. Ganesh  Kumar and P. Shinoj
*    Strategic Measures to Meet Marketing Challenges in the Changing                   42
Scenario  of  Liberalisation
S. P. Bhardwaj and  A. K. Vasisht
*    Summaries                                                                                                    55
*    Developmental Role of  Institutional Incentives for Agricultural                          63
Marketing in India
Samir Samantara
* Price Dynamics of Agricultural Commodity Futures and its                               72
Impact on Demand-Supply Situation of Agricultural Commodities
A. K. Vasisht and S. P. Bhardwaj

*    Innovation Models in Horticulture Marketing in India                                        83
M. B. Dastagiri, B. Ganesh Kumar  and  S. Diana
*    Linking Farmers to Markets Through Agricultural Supply Chain                        95
Harbir  Singh
*    Impact of  Pledge Loan on Farmers Income : A Study of  Maharashtra            104
Purushottam  Sharma
*    Summaries                                                                                                   116
*    Marketing  of  Agricultural  Produce  in  Rainfed  Regions of  India :                125
Emerging  Scenario
P. Parthasarathy Rao and Prakash Singh Birthal
*    Milk Marketing Channels in Arid Region of Rajasthan140
Khem Chand, B. L. Jangid   and  P. P. Rohilla

* Goat Marketing System in Rajasthan150
Shalander  Kumar,  K. Kareemulla  and C. A. Rama Rao

* Linking  Farmers  Producing  Rainfed  Crops  with Markets –                          168
A  New  Paradigm
           E. V.  Murray
*    Marketing  of  Elephant  Foot  Yam-An  Upcoming Commercial                     179
Crop in  India
T. Srinivas, M. Nedunchezhiyan  and  R. S. Misra
*    Summaries                                                                                                   189
*    Recommendations of  23rd Conference                                                      196
*    List of Donors of  ISAM Building Fund                                                     204


Vol.27   No.3(Conference Spl.)     Sept.- December, 2013
S.No Title of the paper Authors Pages
1. Marketing of Environmental Goods : Potential and Constraints to Export Growth of Environmental Goods in India Kaliappa Kalirajan 1
2. Marketing of Pulses in N-spot E-auction and spot market E-tendering system- A case study of Gulbarga market B.S.Reddy, Amrutha T.Joshi, Suresh S.Patil and G.M.Hiremath 13
3. Mechanization of Harvesting : A Way Increse Economic Efficiency in Sugarcane Marketing H.R.Shindle, R.RSuryawanshi, B.BGawade, A.N.Ratnaparkhe, M.s.Jadhav and U.s.Bonder 22
4. Is Wheat Futures market relevant to small scale production system in India? R.Sendhil, Amit Kar, V.C.Mathur, Girish K Jha and Rashmi Singh 31
5. Supply Chain Management in farm labour : A Case Study of Green army Labour bank in Kerala A.Prema Binoo, P.Bonny and P.seenath 39
6. Medicinal Crop Aloe Vera – Failed But It Should succeed! – Case Study K.R.Sundaravaradarajan, K.R.Jahanmohan, R.Usha Kirana 54
7. Farmers Group approach for Marketing of Agriculture Commodities – A Case Study S.S.Dolli, Nagendrappa Bulla, Surekha Sankanagoudra and Renuka Salunke 69
8. Agricultural Market Access, Infrastructure and Value of Output Nexus: A District- Level Study A.Narayanamoorthy, P.Alli and Susanto kumar Beero 75
9. Branding and Direct Sale of Mangoes inBangalore City T.NVenkata Reddy, C.Kavya, P.K.Mandanna, and P.V.Rame Gowda 94
10. Marketing Practices and Post-harvest Losses in Bannana (var. Robusta) – A Study in Shimoga Distict, Karnataka G.B.Ramesh, T.M.Gajanana and K.B.Umesh 116
11. Growth and Export Performance Of Indian Tea Shreeshail Rudrapur, S.M.Mundinamani., Vija keraba and Vittal Sattigeri 123
12. Export performance and export management of Indian Spices K.M.Patil, V.S.Patil, R.B.Patil, Savita Chouhan and S.M Mundinamani 131
Recommendations of the 26th National Conference 144
Vol.28   No.1     January – April, 2014
13. Marketing Process, Costs, Mrgins and Price spread of fish in Bharatpur distict of Rajasthan Brijesh Kumar, Swadesh Prakash, N.R.Kumar, Rama Sharma and Apu das 1
14. Linking Small Farmers to New Markets In India – A case study of Fresh Food Retail Chain in Karnataka Sukhpal Singh and Naresh Singla 10
15. Effecting of Various Socio-Economic Factors on The Consumption of Processed Potato Products in Punjab Rajesh.K.Rana, N.R.Kumar, Arun Pandit, Med Ram Verma and N.K.Pandey 24
16. Constraints Analysis on Fish Consumption in Tripura Biswajit Debnath, R.S.Biradar, S.K.Pandey and P.S.Ananthan, M.Krishnan, Apu Das and Pankajkumar Mugaonkar 36
17. An Analytical Study of Marketing of Milk and Price-Spread in Agra Region(U.P) A.K.Jha, Sanjeev Kumar and Jaspal Singh 46
18. Current Priorities of Indian Agricultural: For Accelerating Growth, Increasing Efficiency and Making it more Profitable? Shabd S. Acharya 57
19. Efficiency analysis of Vegetable Marketing in Jorhat Distict of Assam – A Case Study Sumi Dutta and C.Hazarika 61
20. An Economic Impact of Dairy self-Help Groups on Income, Production, Consumption and Marketed Surplus of Milk: A Comparative Study Ganga Devi 75
21 Price Spread of Dry Chilli (Capsicum annuam L.) in Amaravati Distict (Maharashtra) P.P.Jagtap, S.H.Mhaisdhune and U.S.Shingane 89
Referees 98
Vol.28  No.2                           May-August, 2014
22. Marketing Costs, Margins and price Spread of Wheat in Banaskantha District of Gujarat State Amankumar, V.M.Patel, R.R.patel and A.B.Bindage 1
23. Marketing and post Harvest Losses Of Cauliflower in Cuttack district of Odisha Sudhakar Tripathy, S.R.Prusty and S.Mishra 15
24. Production Pattern and Economics of Production and Marketing Performance of French Bean in Karnataka M.L.Nithyashree, G.P.Reddy, P.C.Meena and N.Sivarmane 26
25. WTO and Indian Chilli Export: Issues of Growth, Instability and Competetiveness Balaji and K.R.Paltasingh 35
26. Impact of CAMPCO on the Arecanut Marketing in Kerala N.Karunakaran 51
27. Assessment of Marketed and Marketable surplus of Mjor Food grains in Gujarat Munish Alagh 60
28. Evalutation of Price Support and Market Invervention Scheme in Rajasthan S.S.Kalamkar, M.R Ojha and T.B.Parihar 81
29. Growth and Pattern of Export of Major Spices from India Rakesh Singh, Shweta Kumari, Arpita Gangwar and O.P.Singh 95
Book Review 106
Errata 107
Acknowledgements 108
Referees 108
Vol.27    No.3(Conference Spl.)     Sept.- December, 2014
30. Agricultural Diversification in India : Impact for Inclusiveness P.K.Joshi 1
31. Economics Diversification and Labour Market Dynamics in Rural India T.S.Papola 18
32. Food Retail Chain as an Alternate Marketing Channel In India Kedar Vishnu and Parmod Kumar 34
33. Promotion of Power Operated Rice Transplanters under PPP mode In Odisha: An Inter Zonal Analysis P.Samal and B.Mondal 43
34. Vertical Integration And Contracting in The Indian Poultry Sector: A Study Of Broiler Farming In Maharashtra S.S.Kalamkar and A.G.Atkare 52
35. Organized Retail: Welcome Move for Competition Sangeeta Shroff and Jayanti Kajale 74
36. Direct Marketing of Vegetable in Srilanka : Possibilities for Women Participation as an Income Diversification Strategy E.A.C.Priyankara 88
37. Horticulture sector Making New Strides In Gujarat in The Post Reform Period C.Hema Sundari 102
38. Agribusiness Initiatives in Gujarat T.B.Parihar, S.S.Kalamkar and M.swain 111
39. WTO, Export Potential and Standards for Export of Cumin Seed with Special Reference to Gujarat State Vinod Kumar 130
40. A Study on Trading of Seeed Spices (Cumin) In Gujarat State S.P.Bhardwaj 142
Recommendations of the 28th Notational Conference 163
Vol.29    No.1   January – April, 2015
41. An Economic Analysis of Mango Pulp Processing in South Gujarat Ruchira Shukla, Bhavesh Chaudhari, Gayatri Joshi, A.k.Leua and Rahul.G.Thakkar 1
42. A Comparative Study on Use of Electronic Devices In Agricultural Marketing in nek Region T.J.Amrutha, Siddayya and S.Vijayachandra Reddy 13
43. Supply Chain and Sustainbility Issues of Graded Murrah Buffaloes: A Case Study of Urban Dairy Farms in Hyderabad, India Shalander Kumar, T,Ramilan, and D.V.B.ramana 21
44. Cost- Return Analysis and Marketing Pattern of Summer Maize in Punjab M.K.Sekhon, M.S.Sidhu, Manjeet Kaur and Prabhjeet Kaur 31
45. Production and Marketing of Button Mushroom in Kangra District Of Himachal Pradesh Arti Kangortra and S.k.Chauhan 43
46. Economics Analysis of Cotton Marketing Chain in Andhra Pradesh E.Radhika and R.Vijaya Kumari 58
47. Production and Marketing of Green Peas in Panjab Gurbir Singh, V.K.Sharma and Sukhpal Singh 71
48. Production and Marketing of Hybrid Maize In Sarguja District of Chhattisgarh Ankeeta Mukherjee, Suvashree R.Prusty and Sudhakar Tripathy 81
49. Impact of Horticulture and Livestock Based Technologies on Production and Marketing of Agricultural Produce in Udaipur District of Rajasthan Supurti, G.L.meena and S.S.Burark 91
Book Review 104
Obituary 107
Referees 112


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